Trafalgar bridge is falling down

Another lovely sunny day here in Swansea meant that my lunchtime run was most enjoyable. Well what I mean to say is that the conditions were enjoyable, even if the pain I felt going round wasn’t! There’s not much gas in my tank at the moment, but at least by being in bed that wee bit earlier last night meant I didn’t quite feel as zonked today.

Razor and I had to change our running route once again – due to work still being done on Trafalgar Bridge – and our little detour ensured that we broke the 30 minutes barrier, albeit by just 19 seconds.

For those of you with young children – whom happen to have a fascination with dinosaurs like DDWT Junior – let me present the perfect fashion accessory, as found by Mrs DDWT in George at Asda (Morfa Swansea branch).

These plush £6 slippers – known as ‘Leftie’ and ‘Rightie’ – are a must have for any dinosaur loving nipper and an extremely useful bargaining tool for any child whom refuses to wear shoes/slippers/booties or whatever item of footwear.

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