No wooden spoon

Despite our usual jaunt to the shops – standard practice for most households on a Saturday I’m sure – I spent a considerable amount of time in front of the TV, which is rather unusual for me it must be said.

With Wales taking on the old enemy England in our final Six Nations match of the season and at the same time trying to avoid the wooden spoon, I decided to watch the game more in anticipation than expectation. Much to my surprise (but pleasure) Wales turned in a great performance – by this season’s standards – and won 27-18.

The house of DDWT was so excited we even managed to get DDWT Junior into the spirit of things – which resulted in “C’mon Whales” for the rest of the evening! As an ex-semi professional rugby player myself, it was a good day and to beat England made it all the more sweeter.

After the excitement of the early evening had subsided a little, we settled down to watch the play-off for the UK’s Eurovision song contest entry. Bemused, mortified, dumbfounded were just some of the words I would use to describe the crap I witnessed – huh music my arse!

Despite Lee Trundle’s missus – Liz McClarnon – being involved in the play-off, I still couldn’t bring myself to call it “music”. But hey we are talking about Eurovision aren’t we, so what should I expect other than a load of crap EU propaganda pop.

Even the stalwart of eurovision Terry Wogan made a complete cock-up when announcing the winner (or not as the case maybe be).  ‘Scooch’ were the eventual winners (after the confusion) – need I say more with a name like that? So Terry, I think you were right the first time mate!