It’s been a hectic, painful and somewhat weird day today. What with moving offices in work, pulling a hamstring and being home alone (as DDWT Junior and Mrs DDWT have gone off visiting relatives in Aberaeron).

With our office move planned to start at 9:30am it all went belly up thanks to some administrative cockup, i.e. the removal men had been booked at different times and as a result they all turned up at different times. Shambolic.

So with time on my hands and needing to let off steam, coach and I took the opportunity to do our lunchtime run this morning instead! Our time of 23:13 for the 3 mile course was pleasing, the hamstring twinge/pull I felt with about half a mile to go wasn’t. I carried on more out of sheer frustration than anything, but it looks like I’ll be needing to rest it for a few days at least. Not a happy bunny. On a more positive note, at least the office move was underway by the time I returned!

Come 5pm with the move completed it was time to head off home – to an empty house. Daft as it sounds it was really eerie and whilst obviously it was nice to have some P&Q it wasn’t a feeling I’d like to get used too. Being the soppy bollocks that I am I was missing DDWT Junior and Mrs DDWT loads – and our early evening phonecall just made matters worse. Still they’ll be back tomorrow and normal service – and noise levels – shall be resumed.

I actually spent this evening messing around with ‘Drupal‘ an open source content management system (CMS). I’ve been trying a few of them out lately – Mambo, Joomla, to name a couple as a couple of my new clients what to use a CMS for their websites. I’m still leaning slightly towards Joomla as my preferred choice at the moment though.