8MB broadband

I’m feeling quite despondent as I write this, knowing that my week’s annual leave has now come to an end and it’s back to work on Monday. Why does the time always seem to fly by during the holidays, maybe it’s because we are enjoying ourselves so much – or at least that’s how I console myself anyway.

I was chuffed to learn that PlusNet had upgraded (for free) my broadband connection to 8MB today though, so surfing the information superhighway and downloading mp3’s, video’s et al is in even more super quick time (and what was I saying about time!). I’ve been with PlusNet for the best part of 3 years and I’ve always found the service reliable and most importantly affordable. I’ve got the full package ‘Broadband Premier‘ for £21.99 per month – which in a nutshell is an 8MB broadband with unlimited downloads and 250 MB webspace with some trimmings. If you looking for an ISP, check them out they’ve got lots of packages on offer.

DDWT Junior is also making steady, if rather somewhat messy progress, on the potty training front with him at least now sitting on the toilet (with the help of a toilet ‘ring’ and Mrs DDWT of course). It was difficult to keep a straight face tonight though as he erm, well lets just say ‘floated a log’ whilst having his bath – his reaction wouldn’t have been out of place in a Jaws movie (and I confess to humming THAT tune when it happened). We shouldn’t laugh I know, but it was so funny at the time and it was better than crying – bless him. We made sure we didn’t laugh in front of him though or otherwise it would have made the matter worse.

Talking of the little fella – well not so little anymore – he now weighs bob on 2st 9.5lbs.