Porthcawl and a potty

A major milestone was reached by DDWT Junior today – he did is very first wee wee on the toilet! Considering we’ve only been potty training him 8 days or so, it was a major achievement in terms of his development. For anyone who is or has gone through this process, I’m sure you’ll all agree that patience and timing (i.e. when to actually tackle the subject of potty training) are key to success or failure. Don’t get me wrong, we haven’t got it cracked yet, but we’re making great progress!!

Bouyed by the above events, we decided to do something different this afternoon (i.e. not Swans related!) and headed off to the McArthur Glen outlet village in Bridgend. Having been in the past, we were pleasantly surprised to see how much it had improved over the last year or so – with even more ‘high street’ shops now added to an already long list. A special mention must go to the Cadbury’s shop – and in particular the 400g bag of Cadbury’s ‘Mishapes’ for £2.99 – a must have for any chocoholic.

With the retail therapy out of the way we headed off to Porthcawl for a final treat – a routine which I remember well from my childhood – a walk along the promenade via the chippy. We opted to go to “Beales” chippy – no relation to Ian I’m sure, but you never know – with Mrs DDWT and myself opting for the steak & kidney pie with chips and DDWT Junior going for a jumbo sausage.

All swilt down with a nice cool can of coke and orange tango!

With the sun beginning to set, the view across the bay was amazing with the bright orange sun glistening across the waves. Thankfully I had my digital camera with me, so I took a few pics. Regular visitors to Porthcawl (and locals of course) will be very familiar with the locations – mainly taken from West Drive and the Esplanade.