Please don't go

It was back to work for me today – which I’m sure as you all know only to well is always a difficult task after a good few days annual leave! It didn’t help either that DDWT Junior keep uttering the words “Pease don’t go to work Daddy” whilst I was munching my Special K (red berry variety) for breakfast. How did I manage to appease him? Well I merely stated that no work meant no pennies and as a result no toys! It seemed to do the trick.

With me being back in work – and facing mammouth amounts of unread emails – I simply had to get out on my bike at lunchtime. The rather splendid weather was rather enticing as well. So it was off to Verdi’s (9 miles) I went without stopping for an ice cream (I’d eaten enough of that last week). Besides I think I did enough stopping (well ok almost stopping) due to the sheer number of people dodging manoeuvres I had to undertake. What is it with pedestrians and cycle paths?

Despite the weather definately the warmest in 2007 to date and arguably the sunniest, muggins here is suffering from a cold (again). Although I am cheered by the fact that I’m not the only one with at least 3 others in the office suffering as well.