Running around

In true sadistic style, coach and I opted to go for a long lunchtime run today. Not a good idea really when you consider that neither have us has so much as put on a running shoe in what seems like weeks and to top it all, the sun was blazing down.

Undeterred however, we proceeded to pound our way around Singleton Park and promenade for 38 minutes 26 seconds – covering the best part of 4 miles in the process (or at least it felt as much as that!). It was a great feeling afterwards though as despite our rustiness we felt well chuffed with our efforts.

Not having really taken much notice before, I was amazed at both the size and pleasant surroundings of Singleton Park – it’s no wonder it’s such a popular destination for tourists, students and locals alike. I can also see why the Party in the Park, Escape and Fflam festivals are held there now.