Snow in April?

Despite the rather sultry weather conditions of the last 2 weeks or so, I was somewhat amazed and alarmed (in a global warming kind of way) to hear on the radio this morning about the possibility of snow in some parts of the UK at the end of the week.

Snow in April isn’t such a surprise really – I mean it’s usually piddling down with rain – but in light of the out of the ordinary temparatures we’ve had for this time of year lately, the signs of global warming are a stark warning to us all. I dread to think what the “weather” will be like when DDWT Junior gets to my age.

The 10.8 mile ride down to Limeslade today was a rather chilly affair – despite the clear blue skies. I’m glad I was wearing double layers! Even with the windy conditions (adding to the chill) we still managed a healthy 15.7 mph.

1 thought on “Snow in April?”

  1. According to our local meteorological expert, it was hotter here in April 1975 and 1990 – don’t let the tax conspirators brainwash you!

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