Tyre change

After a day out of the saddle yesterday – due to serious lack of time – it was back to business today with a lunchtime ride down to Limeslade and a quick loop around SA1. With the weather getting that wee bit warmer again (huh after all that b*ll*cks about snow) it was a really enjoyable 14.5 mile ride. Just for the sake of comparison and keep tabs on progress, our average speed was 15.8 mph.

Whilst on the subject of biking, I changed my tyres on my bike this evening – back to my enduro MTB tyres. Not because there was anything wrong with them (Specialized FarBoy tyres = quality) it was because (a) I’m close to buying a new road bike and (b) my current bike (Specialized Hardrock) will become the DDWT Junior transporter whilst on family cycling outings. I didn’t quite fancy the idea of using slicks with the nipper on the back.

With the nights continually getting lighter and the sun shining well into the evening, I took the opportunity to catch up with mowing the lawns and at the same time let DDWT Junior loose with the hosepipe (after I’d finished mowing of course). He is without a doubt obsessed with water! Gawd help us if we have a hosepipe ban this summer.