Swans v Seagulls

I can assure you that despite the title, this post has got nothing to do with a bird fight – it’s all about football! League One football to be precise and the Swans taking on the Seagulls of Brighton at the Liberty Stadium this afternoon.

I’m glad to report that the Swans banked another 3 points in their quest for the play-offs with a 2-1 win. Once again we had to come from a goal behind to win – but what worries me is that for the 2nd week in succession we gave the opposition a free header from 6 yards (from a free kick this time) and conceded from it.

Thankfully Darryl Duffy added another 2 goal salvo to the one who got against Port Vale and it was enough to see us home. He really does look like being a worthwhile acquisition though (if we can buy him in the summer) – pace and a nose for goal, something which we’ve lacked all season. The other notable performance for me was Izzy – who appears to be getting back to his best form – so please Roberto/Huw extend his contract at the end of the season! A full match report can be found in the usual place.

It was also good to hear the fans getting back to their vocal best today as well – something which has been lacking this season as a whole. Mind you watching the Swans actually play “football” over the last 10 games or so has helped. Previously we weren’t very attractive to watch and it’s little wonder the fans lost enthusiasm and weren’t very enthused.

The trip to Carlisle next week is now even more important and I am very tempted to go BUT there is the no little matter of Mrs DDWT’s birthday. Despite my suggestions of a lovely long weekend break in the Lake District (via Carlisle) she’s having none of it! Oh well I’ll just have to hope the play-off dream is still alive for the week after at home to Blackpool.

Talking of Mrs DDWT, she opted to go for a change of hairstyle today (cut it short) – which wouldn’t normally be anything to shout about – but she’s been growing her hair for two years and it had got quite long…. thankfully she’s happy with the new cut. ‘Inhairitance’ of Clydach, I thank you *smile*

I also couldn’t go without giving a mention to DDWT Junior and his exploits on the bike seat we borrowed off a friend. After me getting the bike ready last night, it was time to give it a whirl when I got back from the footy – and he loved every minute of it and didn’t even mind wearing his new helmet (which is even more of a surprise!). We’ve more biking planned for tomorrow, so that should be fun!

It’s been a good day.