Sanitary inspector?

A stroll into one of the gents toilets in work today was a rather interesting experience, not in a vulgar way you understand, but in a bizarre printed-sign-stuck-on-the-wall-with-blu-tac kind of way.

Now maybe I’m being a bit dim or naive, but usually when I go to the loo I wash my hands as a matter of course. Now I’m not saying that I’m into toilet cleanliness in a Jean Claude Van Dam kind of way (i.e. allegedly washes his hands before having a number one and afterwards), but I do appreciate that hygeine and genitals go – if you pardon the pun – hand in hand.

Obviously, some people don’t share that view – hence the need for the sign I guess. Perhaps, what bothers me more is that fact that the sign was a in gents loo near the Education office block. Surely the inhabitants can’t be suggesting that we need telling about washing our hands can they? Tsch, teachers eh.

With Swansea still basking in the sunshine and tempartures hitting the low 70’s the 14.3 mile lunchtime ride was lush. Our route around Limeslade and SA1 was both scenic and relaxing, but we still managed to clock up a 15.4 mph average – so a useful workout was had as well.

2 thoughts on “Sanitary inspector?”

  1. I think you are very sweetly naive thinking gentlemen don’t need to be reminded to wash their hands after visiting the toilet. Unfortunately, many ladies need to be reminded also. It causes one concern about the custom of shaking hands.

  2. Indeed I probably am 🙂 You’re right about the shaking hands bit though. I’m a little concerned about the number of people who also ‘appear’ to put their hands to their nose after having been to the loo…. I hope they’ve washed their hands 🙂

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