Have you voted?

I thought I’d get my vote in early this morning and avoid the rush, but obviously lots of other punters had the same idea. If my local polling station (in Clydach) was an indicator of the day ahead, then business was going to be brisk! Personally, I hope it is and that people do indeed use their vote.

I was always a fan of devolution, and was glad to read Auntie Beeb’s report that people in Wales seem to be warming to the idea. I’ve voted Labour, but only just and it was a keen toss up between them and Plaid. Firstly, because I felt that Edwina Heart (Gower) had done a good job in my constituency and because (and I must stress I’m no political buff) I felt that Labour and Plaid are the only two parties who will do devolution justice in Wales. No doubt it will be an interesting Assembly setup *if* there is a coalition between Labour and Plaid.

‘Twas a rest day from training for me today, so I decided to use the time to catch up on some long overdue jobs in work. Boring maybe, but productive nevertheless.