Is it April or is it May?

With the deluge of rain today and over the past week for that matter, I’ve been wondering if the months of April and May have swapped places this year. I mean let’s face it, the weather is more akin to April at the moment what with all of the showers, and vice-versa the soaring temparatures and sun drenched days of April belonged in May. Is it global warming or is that just as common an excuse as the doctor describing every ailment nowadays as a ‘virus’.

There’s is one, well two good things actually about all this rain. The first being that I don’t have to water the garden (and pay Welsh Water for the priviledge) and the second being that I can go out running and thoroughly enjoy myself (as I have a liking for running in the rain – fully clothed I hasten to add!). So in an attempt to shake off the lethargy of last week (and some pounds in light of this morning’s 16st 11lb reading), I went for a 33 minute run covering approximately 4 miles odd. Thankfully the picturesque surroundings of the Swansea Valley canal were more than enough of a distraction from my sweaty huffing and puffing – not that anyone else was mad enough to be out in the bucketing down rain mind you.

Still I felt good afterwards and tucked into our alternative Sunday lunch of fajitas with some gusto.