Llanelli Waterside 10K

With it being a day of rest for me today – from training – I decided to search out a cycling/running event in order for me to focus on something, rather than wait until July’s Gower Bike Ride.

A quick search on Runners World UK came up trumps as it alerted me to the Llanelli Waterside 10k in June – well June 24th to be precise. So I quickly parted with my £12 and entered the race online. My main aim of entering the 10K is to (a) focus my training and align it with a specific date/event in mind and (b) try and break my 10k personal best of 50:03 (yeah, slow I know!).

I find it extremely odd that the personal best was set during my first ever 10k race – the Aberystwyth 10k – in December 2001. I guess that just goes to show how much training I didn’t do for all of the others I’ve done (all 3 of them!!!!). Still onwards and upwards here’s hoping I do it and actually make it to the Llanelli 10k this time around – unlike last year.

With Britain apparenlt being a nation of curry loving individuals, the house of DDWT added its name to the list tonight with a home made beef dopiaza – courteousy of Mrs DDWT. It was bloody lovely and not overly spicey – a small point which my bowels are eternally grateful for. Nice. Anyway, if you’re the type who likes to dabble in the kitchen, you can check out good old Delia Smith’s recipe for some tips on how to make it. Who needs Homepride eh *wink*