Man versus dog

My 14 mile drizzly cycling jaunt down to Gowerton and back today was made all the more interesting due to a man v dog race along the way.

The bulldog – very similar to the one above but a bit more brown in colour – had taken absence of his owner’s lead and had decided to give me a run for my money over a 30 metre stretch. After the initial momentum being with the bulldog (please note I was in shock) I gradually used all my leg power and experience to pull away in the last 2 metres and leave my challenger in a static panting state.

Whilst I can jest about the above now, it did remind me of a not-so-pleasant experience I had at the mouth of an alsation dog – whom decided to take a mouthful of my calf – when I was a rather naive 10 year old. In fact, to this day I remain wary of man’s best friend.