Squirrel watch

Here’s a tip for anyone who is into squirrels in a big way – head down to the cycle path through Clyne Valley and I guarantee that you will see loads of them. I’ve lost count of the number of them that have scooted across the path in front of me whilst I’m ambling along on my bike.

I went for a slightly longer lunchtime ride today – 17 miles worth in fact, taking in Gowerton and a quick loop around SA1. It was nice just to push it that little bit further and take a peek at the SA1 developments at the same time – not to mention providing some sporting entertainment for the sun bathing hoardes from the Admiral insurance office as well. For those that did see me, I hope you liked what you saw *wink*

The trampoline is already proving to be money well spent. I was amazed to get a MMS message from Mrs DDWT this morning at around 8:30 am with a picture of DDWT Junior bouncing away happily on his new acquisition. In fairness to the little fella, he even found enough energy to go swimming later in the morning and yes you’ve guessed it – trampolining in the afternoon again! Who says that all kids are couch potatoes in the making eh?

1 thought on “Squirrel watch”

  1. No kids start out to be couch potatoes, they just end up that way.
    They can be all sporty when they are little ( up to about 12 ) then getting up before midday is too much of an effort.


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