Oh dear, my exertions over the weekend and no doubt yesterday’s cycling have taken their toll on my body, as I woke this morning with backache – in the same postion as usual (right hand side just above the kidneys).

I have a tendancy to jar it at least twice a year and it’s basically playing on an injury I sustained from my rugby playing days. Thanks at this point go out to the Maesteg lock who thought it would be nice to kick me in the vicinty of my lower back *frown*

As a result I’m well grumpy today and not my usual chatty, chirpy and cheeky self (the girls in the office told me that). The true indication of my grumpiness was illustrated by the fact that I had a cup of coffee in work – and a Nescafe one at that.

This isn’t unusual for most people I know, but it is for me as I NEVER drink coffee in work – only at home. Its got nowt to do with the fact that they use Nescafe (the world’s favourite coffee my ar*e) in work either – which I despise actually. I don’t suppose it helps as I’m a Kenco man through and through either.