Sleepy, Grumpy and Dopey

With hardly a cloud in the sky, it was a typical day to be returning to work. Isn’t the weather always glorious when we’re in work?

After a cracking long weekend doing family stuff and generally relaxing, my back (no pun intended) to work preparation was far from ideal. A 4am wake-up call from DDWT Junior – giving his rendition of Storytime (featuring a scary dinosaur, penguin, giraffe and monkey) – wasn’t what the sleep doctor ordered I’m afraid. Funny as it was to listen to him rambling on – complete with background noise of the birds twittering outside – it didn’t seem that funny at the time!

Consequently, I ended up in the spare room whilst Mrs DDWT and DDWT Junior had a battle of words – go to sleep, it’s morning time, go to sleep, it’s morning time – I think it ended deuce at the end. As a result I overslept and was late into work – prompting everyone to think I was on leave and had forgotten to fill in the office diary. Oh how I wish.

So with my lower back still giving me some stick I decided perhaps sensibly for once to give the exercise a rest and conserve what little energy I do have. As for DDWT Junior, well he’s off for a pre-arranged (don’t you just hate planning ahead sometimes) visit to the Designer Outlet Village in Bridgend with his Nana and Mrs DDWT. OMG, shopping and sleep deprivation – what a potent mixture.