A huff, a puff, a big sigh… aaah that’s better and it’s the start of the weekend. I’m glad as this week has been a long week in work, in fact it’s felt like an eternity – even though it was only 4 days long. Whilst I don’t mind working long hours, I’m zonked and my brain is drained after three consecutive 7am to 7pm stints (if you include the commute). Starting early I don’t mind, but finishing late is a pain, especially as I miss out on my evening’s with DDWT Junior.

The little fella was in Neath today visiting ‘Toots‘ – a children’s play centre – for his friend Isaac’s 3rd birthday party. From what I’m told, much fun was had amongst the big slides, bouncy toys, soft balls and rubber mats – pictures of the party seem to back up this theory (judging by how hot and bothered the beetroot faced kids looked!).

On a non-party day at ‘Toots’ £2.75 will get you 2 hours worth of playtime (on a busy day) but even longer on quieter days. Mrs DDWT reckons it’s good there, but ‘Funsters‘ in Hendy is that little bit better, mainly because there is more for the kids to do there. Still whichever you choose it offers good value for money – especially on a rainy summer day during the school holidays.