Sunshine and Swansea bay

With the sun blazing down lunchtime I simply couldn’t resist taking my bike for a spin down to Limeslade once again. I was on my own for the 11 mile ride today, but the pace was blistering – probably due to the keen breeeze which accompanied the return leg of the ride.

Still you simply can’t beat Swansea Bay on days like today and with this in mind, perhaps when politicians talk about Swansea being a European City of distinction by 2020 they’re not talking through their backsides as much as we think.

After finishing one shift, it was time to head off home and start another – the lawns, hedges and trees needed a cut. How the hell do they grow so quickly? I can only assume it must be the warm weather and sporadic showers having an effect on them. With this year having been so mild to date, one can only assume this is a sign of things to come. Still with the job now done, everything does look a lot more pleasant on the eye and I can now look out through our living room window (whilst supping a cup of kenco) and enjoy the un-obstructed via of my front garden!