Supermarket stress

I was glad to see my attempts last night to get my blog updated via my mobile worked – not so sure why the 2nd attempt had the “—- ?Sent using a Sony Ericsson videophone” bit appended to the end of it though. Maybe it was because it wasn’t from a gmail account. Anyone else had this problem?

Also haven’t figured out how to add ‘Labels’ to the posts when sending from a mobile *frown*

On an altogether different subject, I went to Asda’s shopping today – for a change as it’s usually Tesco’s – and probably because of this it dawned on me how stressful (perhaps too strong a word) shopping in supermarket can be. I mean you see hundreds of people meandering around a largish store at very different paces, but all seemingly wanting either the same item as you or wanting to go in the same direction as you. I’ll be honest, I get quite agitated often when I’m out doing the shopping. People are often quite rude as they barge, push, shove, clonk past you without a murmer of “excuse me”.

I’m sure ‘Trolley Rage’ must be on the increase and no doubt the marketing moguls at the supermarket chains are rubbing their collective hands with glee – as vast hoardes of people abandon their visits to the local supermarket (cattle market more like) in favour of doing their grocery shopping online. Sounds like a great marketing plan doesn’t it. Have you noticed how nowadays less stores seem to do the shelf re-stocking overnight, it’s actually during the day? It makes manourvering your wonky 4 wheeled trolley even more arduous and prone to user frustration. I wonder why?

Hmm, I never used to consider myself a cynic but now I’m not so sure. Maybe it’s age *smile*