We're here

Well we’re here in Center Parcs Longleat now and this is my first real attempt at updating the blog via mobile.

For once we actually arrived early (11:30) but the journey here was memorable. For the first time ever DDWT Junior uttered the phrase every parent dreads – “are we there yet?” and we hadn’t even got as far as Bridgend! Our early arrival meant getting the bike hire done straight away. I’ll add pictures upon my return – but the Dawes Trailblazer MTB and Dawes Ranger bikes were a tadge well used to say the least.
Still apart from a detour to the shop for DDWT Junior to use up his Nanna’s spending money qouta on Clinton the croc (attached) we spent the next few hour clocking up the miles on the bikes.
Our evening was spent trying out practically all of the playgrounds on site – in between squirrel and rabbit watching.

And that was our first day. We’re all zonked now and bed beckons in readiness for another tiring day tomorrow. Nos da all 🙂

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