Our plans for the day pretty much went out of the window due to the non-stop rain. Even the excitement of getting the Swans fixtures by wap and teletext at 10 am failed to raise spirits that much.

In the end we bit the bullet and thought sod it we’ll go out on the bikes anyway.

Mind you DDWT Junior didn’t seem bothered either way as he was too busy feeding the ducks and getting us to draw dinosaurs with him.

With the weather unrelenting we spent the rest of the day in the pool. Quote of the day goes to DDWT Junior who told his new blonde acquaintance Charlotte that “You can’t stay with me, you have to go and stay with your mammy and daddy” – quality!

Tis time to do the packing now as we have to be out of the villa by 10 am – which is a pain in the bum when you’ve got a nipper in tow. We’re all a little subdued though as it’s hometime tomorrow unfortunately.