Wet and sweaty

With the Llanelli Waterside 10k looming large on the horizon this coming Sunday, I felt the need (rather than the desire) to give myself a long run out as my preparations draw to a close.

So a 5 mile run ensued in a time of 41 minutes 53 seconds, which didn’t exactly fill me with confidence given my target of wanting to break the 50 minute barrier this Sunday. To compound matters I really did feel like sh*t after it, with my beetroot glowing face a sight to be seen by the traffic along Mumbles road I’m sure. Hot and bothered I most certainly was. Furthermmore, my wet and windswept body are hardly going to endear themselves to my fast encroaching cold (currently at the raging sore throat stage).

Today was also my first day back in work after a lovely week away with the house of DDWT. Pre-lunchtime run I was sifting through the backlog quicker than a comb through sand, post-lunchtime run and it was more a case of a lollipop stick in honey.

What have I left myself in for.