Working from home

Huh, little did the ‘Night Nurse’ help last night. There is no improvement on the cold front and rather than incur the wrath of my female dominated office, I opted for the safe sanctuary of the house of DDWT today and worked from home.

In all seriousness though, the number of sneezes, coughs and splutters have steadily increased over the week (and not just from me) so I’m a guilty party already as far ast the posse at work is concerned – so it was really fair for me to go into the office in the state I’m in. Mind you my keyboard and flatscreen monitor is now covered in mu….no forget that, that’s way too much detail for here.

We sat down and watched the Harrison Ford film ‘Firewall‘ tonight – mainly because of the technology related theme of course (much to Mrs DDWT’s annoyance) and it was quite good – albeit very Raiders of the Lost Arc ‘esque in Mr. HF’s roleplay. But heck, what did I expect. Worth a look, but don’t get too over-excited by the blurb.