Unfortuantely I’ve had to give in to my cold and pull out of the Llanelli 10k tomorrow. I’d been tempted to leave it until the morning, but even if I felt ok mentally my body certainly wouldn’t be up to it – especially as my last run out was on Monday.

The way I looked at it was that if I did the run, how would my body react afterwards – would the cold come back even worse? Which would then affect my build up to next week’s British Heart Foundation Gower bike ride. So in the end common sense prevailed, although to say I’m disappointed is a huge understatement. I’m getting a bit suspicious though (cheesed off more like) , as I was supposed to run last year’s race but had to pull out due to injury. Will I ever get to complete a Llanelli 10k? Maybe I’ll let you know June 2008!

What’s next, well I’ll just keep plying myself with drugs (day nurse/night nurse!) and hope they clear things up in readiness for next week.