Fresh start needed

As if missing the 10k wasn’t bad enough, the tale of today’s weighing scale hit me harder than a Ricky Hatton punch to the stomach (well ok perhaps not that hard). Seventeen bloody stone – I hadn’t been that heavy since July 16th 2006. My confidence and mood was already quite low, but this really hit me hard. I must now do something as despite all the talk, I have yet to reach my target weight of 16st (the closest I came was 16st 4lbs, way back in January). Don’t get me wrong, I’m not obsessed with my weight, I’m just determined to get it off.

I suppose when I look at things a little closer, my problem area is and perhaps always was – my food intake. So I’ve taken the advice of some of the experts on the Runners World website and have started a food diary. Training I have never found to be a problem – I love it, but I also love my food and hopefully the food diary will show just where I’m going wrong.

So with food high in my list of mental priorities, I decided to try and cook something a little different for our supper.

Fillet of chicken breast, filled with grated carrots, spinach and a sprinkling of grated cheese, served with some boiled mild curry rice. It was delicious and far more apertising that what we usually have for an evening meal! For once my dabbling in the kitchen paid off – a rarity indeed – and I will try this little dabble out once again that’s for sure.

We thought we’d check today to see how tall DDWT Junior actually was – as he’s seemed to have shot up lately and we weren’t wrong. He now stands 103cm tall, which means that he’s grown 5.5 cm since the beginning of April. I wonder what the average height of a 35 month old child should be?

My cold is lingering, but I’m still hoping to start final preparations for the Gower bike ride sooner rather than later this week. So I took the opportunity this afternoon to change the tyres on my bike back to the ‘Fat Boy’ (how appropriate!) slicks again and give the bike a darn good clean.

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