All locked up

Something should have told me it was going to be one of those day’s today when DDWT Junior came stomping into the bedroom @ 5am this morning. It certainly wasn’t the type of wake up call I expected or indeed wanted (no offence to the little fella like).

I perhaps foolishly thought that things would improve after a lunchtime cycle down Mumbles, but this wasn’t to be and the events that followed merely confirmed my initial morning reaction of it being “one of THOSE days”.

There I was changed and kitted out in my cycling gear ready to release my pent-up frustration, but lo and behold I was faced with a wee problem. My training partner – Coach DR – and I had (in retrospect) foolishly chained our bikes together. Not usually a problem, but I only had the key to my bike lock!!

My frustration levels had now reached fever pitch and I trudged back inside to change. Upon returning to the office, comments such as “that was quick” didn’t exactly help matters.

What a day indeed!