Destination Gowerton

With my cycling circuits being about as regular as trains being on time, I decided to change my lunchtime destination today and head out to Gowerton. I was hoping that this would kick-start me into making it a regular habit again – the truth be known I think I overdid it somewhat.

I totalled 18 miles altogether – after I’d taken in Gowerton (via cycle route 4) and the SA1 development – which took me 1 hour 9 minutes to do (not very quick I know). Still I was quite happy that I managed to average 15.3 mph and topped 22 mph at the max.

Only time is going to tell if it’s had the desired effect, although judging how my lower back feels at the moment I suspect it’s had the opposite!!

The lower back pain stems from a nasty knack I have of hovering just above the saddle when I’m really pushing the pace or hitting rough ground. I know I should just ride it out in both cases, but it’s just a bad habit I’ve got into.