The 2007 Gower bike ride

After sleeping in a little later than I wanted to this morning, I finally made a start to the BHF Gower bike ride at 08:15, which was only 15 minutes later than I’d originally hoped.

I’d gone solo this year for one reason and another and as a result took 1 hour 50 minutes 59 seconds to complete the 29 mile course. Ironically, this was an identical time to last year’s ride, bizarrre or what. I averaged 15 mph over the entire course with a max speed of 38 mph, which was clocked up coming down the Mayals I’m sure. I did use slicks this year instead of bobbles, but conversely I hadn’t put the miles in prior to this years event as I had last year. Hopefully next years attempt will be me break the 1 hour 50 minute barrier!!

Perhaps most importantly I raised £60 odd in the process, so thanks to all of you who sponsored me and shame on you those who didn’t 😉

No Sunday would be complete without a mention of my weighing scales. 16st 12lbs was the reading this time around and I’m still trying to figure out if it was a good psychological move weighing before the bike ride or not!