Get me out of here

With the weather still wet – so what’s new – it was little wonder that everyone in the house of DDWT felt like throttling each other due to being in the house again. In fact we’ve been pretty much confined to the house most of the time lately, with outdoor activities pretty much a non starter – thanks to all of the rain.

Things did did improve this afternoon – after a roast pork dinner (cooked by moi) I hasten to add – and we thankfuly managed to get outside for a bit. The way our moods lifted was almost tangeable. In all seriousness though, it was great to be able to go into the back garden and have some fun – especially for DDWT Junior.

Now on the subject of pork dinners, well perhaps more porker in my case – the result of this week’s weigh-in was 16st 9lbs. Not a lot to say about that is there really!!

With ‘Daddy’ trying out the scales, DDWT Junior also insisted on having a go. He is now 2st 11.5 lbs and quite a little lwmpin in the making 🙂