Twickenham humiliation

Oh dear what a pasting our boys took at Twickenham today. 62 points to 5 against the old enemy is unacceptable to say the least – second string or not. It also couldn’t have been worse preparation for the world cup and there’s little doubt that it has posed Gareth Jenkins with more questions about who should be in his final squad than before the game. This was the last thing he or the faithful Welsh public wanted at this stage.

Now isn’t the time I know, but I still question the wisdom in appointing Gareth Jenkins to the role of national coach. For me he has always been the nearly man of Welsh rugby – how many times were Llanelli so close to European glory under his belt – yet they seemingly always fell at the last hurdle. I have no doubt that in terms of passion, commitment and loyalty he is up there with the best – but I’m not so sure he has the rugby experience at such an intense level as international rugby to succeed. Still, whatever I think – I hope he proves me wrong come September.

Thankfully with the bushes in the garden in need of a trim, I was able to exact my rugby-induced frustration out on them with the aid of some garden shears. One full wheelie bin later and both the bushes and I were in much better form. Oh if only I could say the same about our national rugby team!

With Nana DDWT returning from a 2 week jaunt to Center Parcs Eleveden, it was time to do some visiting and with that came the customary gift for DDWT Junior (who was spoilt rotten as usual). Perhaps unsurprisingly, we have yet another dinosaur to add to the already vast collection. This time is was a large Stegosaurus – or steggy as DDWT Junior calls it (after the Stegosaurus in ‘Harry and His Bucketful of Dinosaurs‘).

After having a successful day in work yesterday putting together an Ubuntu 7.04 LAMP server – complete with Nagios installation and tried my luck at home with the desktop version. Once again my efforts proved in vain as my Cisco Aironet 350 series wireless card simply refuses to talk to my Netgear DG834N router with any form of encryption switched on – yet works fine with it off. Grrrrrrr