The Principality

No I’m not taking about my beloved Wales, I’m on about the building society. I (perhaps foolishly) trotted off to the Principality branch in Swansea today – armed with the necessary documentation – to open a children’s saving account. It’ll be a breeze I thought, having done my homework and checked on their website for what was required and ensuring that I had all the necessary bits.

Everything was going to plan, the place was empty and I was the only punter in sight and even better there were two people ready to serve (I wouldn’t say eager though). At this point things went downhill. The lady politely informed me that they couldn’t open accounts on the front desk and that I’d have to make an appointment! To add insult to injury, her colleague offered to photcopy my documents in readiness – but alas I couldn’t open an account until I’d had an appointment. How efficient is that?

Admitting defeat I grudgingly asked for the earliest a.m. appointment – “10.30 tomorrow” she replied. Er, didn’t I say early appointment? Anyway, it transpires that they – well the Principality branch in Swansea anyhow – don’t “do” appointments before 9:30 am, lunchtimes or after 4:15 pm! Now as someone who works pretty much 8:30 am to 5pm that makes getting an appointment pretty difficult.

It’s little wonder sometimes that people choose either to take their business elsewhere or do what they can online. In the case of the Principality I think I’ll go elsewhere.

After this lunchtime farce, I’m glad that I’m commuting via bike today – as the 9 mile cycle home will surely help to get rid of the pent up frustration I have as a result.