Welsh blogs

Has anyone else checked out the Welsh blogs selection on the Western Mail website or perhaps better known as icwales (no I don’t get it either to be honest). Anyway, it’s worth a peek as the topic coverage is quite diverse and to see who or rather what blogs have been accepted into the team as well of course.

Being both a cheeky monkey and someone with aspirations to be a journo in later life, I took the opportunity to drop Lorna Doran an email enquiring as to whether I could join the merry band of bloggers already signed up. See Lorna I told you you’d get a mention 🙂

No news yet though of whether I’ve been accepted or not – but if I’m honest I doubt I’ll be required as perhaps my blog isn’t Welsh enough – in terms of content.

Dim probs, fyddai’n cario ‘mlaen ysgrifennu!