My new bike

Christmas has come early for me this year with the arrival of my brand new racing bike – a Focus Variado Expert 2007. After months of debating which bike to buy (Specialized or Focus) I can’t believe the little beauty has finally arrived. Well it’s not that little really as it’s a large/58 frame.
After Mrs DDWT sent me a txt message this morning to tell me the courier had been – I could hardly wait to get home and open the mammouth box – containing my new toy – which occupied half the garage. The only downside is that we’re going away for the weekend, so my christening ride is going to have to wait until next week. Humbug.

The slight drizzle – which slowly came across Swansea Bay lunchtime – made perfect beach running conditions and so I took the opportunity to go for my 2nd run of the week to date. I thoroughly enjoyed the 32 minute run along the foreshore, which was made all the more interesting with the clouds/mist forming in front of me and the sun shining brightly in the distance – along the coast from Aberavon. Such is the beauty of working by the sea and in such a wonderful area as Swansea Bay.

After my experience of the Principality building society earlier in the week, I thought I’d give it another shot – after making an appointment for this afternoon. If it wasn’t a Friday afternoon I would have probably have ranted and raved, but instead I choose to laugh out loud (albeit to myself) at what unfolded during the appointment.

The very lady who said couldn’t open a children’s account at the main counter, served me once again and escorted me across to a desk some 5 metres away from the counter. At this point she asked me for the relevant ID, etc and then disappeared back behind the main counter to open the account, take photocopies, etc. I couldn’t believe my eyes.

There was no hard sell (thank God) but I still couldn’t understand why I needed to book an appointment. Some 30 minutes later, I had parted with my £1 child account voucher and received Dylan the Dragon in exchange.

I suppose I shouldn’t moan really, as the money box was free (as was the voucher – found in Primary Times magazine), DDWT Junior absolutely loves it and the only thing it cost me really was my time (no big deal). I suppose one thing I did learn though, if the Swansea branch of the Principality is anything to go by, I won’t be taking out any of their other products.

My excitement (like I hadn’t had enough today already) is bulding ahead of tomorrow’s opening league one encounter between the Latics of Oldham and the Swans. I wish I was one of the 2000+ Jacks making the journey to Boundary Park 🙁

Still here’s hoping to 3 points tomorrow and the perfect start to the 2007-2008 campaign.