When the nails are down

I’ll kick off by giving a mention to the w@nk$rs who thought it would be a fun to scatter 1″ nails across the cycle path (route 43) near Asda’s in Morriston – causing me to have a puncture on my way in to work this morning.

Whilst I was able to repair the puncture – having fortunately had my repair kit with me – there are many people who don’t have the equipment or knowledge to repair a tyre. What’s worse is that some child could have hurt themselves, either on a bike or by merely walking/playing on the path. I hope the idoits responsible get their comeuppance.

Thankfully I managed to warn 2 other passing cyclists of the danger and thus saving them from the hassle I endured moments earlier. I’ve also reported it to Swansea City Council whom have said they’ll get their street cleaning team to go along and remove the nails. I’ll check tonight on my way home to see if its been done!

Evening Update: The nails are still on the path – so not impressed at all. Mind you given the choice of cleaning up the high street or a cycle path, which would you choose (bearing in mind the taxpayer’s view of a priority)? I suppose that depends on what taxpayer though doesn’t it 😉