Big foot

After a mid-morning commotion, DDWT Junior finally succumbed to the inevitable pre-school visit to the shoe shop. He’s NEVER enjoyed going to get shoes and par for the course created merry hell during this visit as well.

The little fella is just like his dad though (not that I play up in a shoe shop though), he’s got one foot bigger than the other and they’re both require a wide fitting. At the moment he’s a size 10F – which makes it difficult to get shoes to fit (or should I say pratical and fashionable shoes to fit). Thankfully, Start-rite shoes have been a saviour to date and long may that continue.

It was nice to see the Swans progress in the Carling Cup tonight at the expense of Walsall – the 1st time they’ve progressed past round one since 1999! I wasn’t at the game – as I make a habit of not attending the Carling Cup games, but I’ll be there for sure on Saturday when they take on FEC Nottingham Forest.