Blame Facebook

I like Facebook. In fact I like it a heck of a lot, the only thing it does that I don’t like is eat into your life. In my case, I’m referring to the amount of time that easily gets drawn out of my life whilst I’m beavering away on the darn thing. Although I have heard that in some people’s cases, it has pretty much taken over their life and in extreme cases been a source of identity fraud (probably down to their own stupidity in being so “open”).

There I was last night, simply responding to a facebook message sent by a friend of mine and before I knew it I’d meandered my way into searching for this person and that group, etc, etc. At this point I suddenly realised that over 2 hours had just passed me by and everyone else had long gone to bed (where I should have been). The result of all this is that I’m knackered, grumpy and extremely short-fused.

Bloody facebook, it’s all your fault.