Tap tap – who's there?

It’s a well known fact that seagulls are cheeky (and noisy) little buggars and the quick snap I took of one outside my office window today just proves it!

I’d just arrived in the office – after yet another ‘commute-to-work-by-bike’ – and could here this ‘tap tap’ noise every so often. It was then I noticed this cheeky little buggar waltzing his way along the window edge looking for a way in – he must have seen the size of my lunchbox ….. full of ham sandwiches I hasten to add. Seemingly undeterred by me taking pictures this little ‘show’ went on for a good 10 minutes.

On the subject of me commuting to work and the issue of the nails the other day, I wasn’t impressed to see that they were STILL on the bloody cycle path. If that wasn’t bad enough, the council workmen were even there today cutting the bloody grass verges!

But as is the norm for council (outsourced?) grass cutting teams across the land, they leave the stray grass (that doesn’t make it into the collector) to scatter all over the place – cycle path included. Now you’d have thought they’d have taken the opportunity to clear up the path at this point wouldn’t you?