Home working

After a week in work which I’d officially call bonkers, I decided to work from home today in an attempt to free myself from office visitors and phonecalls. Having not worked from home for quite some time, I could immediately see why it is becoming increasingly more popular.

Not only did I get more done, but I had the freedom and peace to do it – so both my employer and I benefit. With the advent of high-speed broaband connections (8MB in my case) and VPN remote access, the need for me to be on-site is ever decreasing, in my line of work anyway (web development).

So after a hard day’s work at the home office (sounds posh that doesn’t it), we decided to get 2 large stuffed crust pizza’s (meat feast and hawaiian) from the Pizza Hut in Fforestfach. One thing that struck me though – being a pizza hut regular – is that the best Pizza Hut in these parts is the one on the Morfa retail park by the liberty stadium. There is a noticeable difference in the quality of the pizza’s there compared to Fforestfach. Me thinks the chef in Fforestfach likes lashings of tomato puree on the pizza!

Pizza time in the house of DDWT is also movie time, so we all (apart from DDWT Junior who was fast asleep in bed) settled down to watch ‘RV: Runaway Vacation‘ starring that loon Robin Williams. After a slow start it begins to pick up (a bit like the RV in the film actually) and at times had us laughing so much we had tears rolling down our eyes. Not one of Williams’ best movies, but a decent enough laugh.