Had a bootful

Got absolutely saturated during my cycle into work this morning, so much so that my cycling daps were full of water. On days like this I do wonder if commuting to work by bike is all it’s cracked up to be! I’m sure my colleagues in the office would agree, as there are now bits of my cycling kit (bar my undergarments of course!) hanging everywhere.

Just to compound matters further when I got to work, the darn showers were out of order so I had to make do with a quick swill with water from the sink! No prizes for guessing who’s room is damp, smelly and dirty today 🙁

On the subject of cycling, here is a tip for anyone who like me has ever bought a new set of pedals for their bike, only to find that the left and right pedals aren’t easily identified. Before some smartarse points out what’s the bloody difference – believe me there is, like the threads on the spindle going in opposite directions for starters.

Anyway, back to my original point about the pedals and aided by the picture below, you can tell which is left and right by the ‘flick up’ tabs on the pedal (spike shaped tab near top of picture in black).

These should be at the back and bottom of the pedal as you would look down at the pedals from sitting on the bike.

Hope that helps someone? If it hasn’t then I hope at least you might have learnt something new today 🙂