Life is precious

I’m sure you’ll agree that most of us take this life of ours and all that it brings for granted sometimes. Perhaps it is even more true that we do this with those people that are close to us and it is only when something outside of the norm happens that we realise how precious this thing called life – and those that are within it – actually are.

Today my mam was rushed into hospital with a suspected blood clot on the lung. The emotions this evoked and feelings I am experiencing are hard to put into words. Fear, anger, guilt are just some of the words I could use. I fear the worst as my mam is in her late sixties – not old I know, but not young either. I feel anger and think why my mam and why now? I also feel guilt, why didn’t I say this to her or why didn’t I do that for her. It’s a rollercoaster and it really does make you think about your life and those around you whom you love so very much.

I have to be strong though, strong for my family and strong for my mam as I know she would be for me.