Trying to think straight

With my mam now back home (but being monitored) I returned to work in the hope of getting my head back on track and return to some sort of normality, after the rollercoaster events of the last couple of days. It’s hard to concentrate and think logically, which I’m sure is as much down to emotional strain as it is sleep deprivation.

Despite trying to bury my head in work most of the day, my colleague insisted I went out for a walk during the lunchtime to clear my head and get things off my chest (if I wanted to) – thanks DR.

It did help to be honest and the stunning calm sea and sun drenched views over Swansea bay had a calming effect.

Seeing the cranes towering over Swansea marina working on the Meridian Quay development also made me realise how much life changes day to day and year by year. Much of these changes for the better it must be said and this ideology gave me a positive lift in what had pre-lunchtime been a pretty downhearted outlook on life.

In the grand scheme of all things in life and the tribes and tribulations many people go through daily, perhaps what has happened during the last couple of days might seem insignificant to some – but for me it frightened the hell out of me and that is something I won’t ever forget.