Wellie Wednesday

Strange title huh? Well that’s what Wednesday’s are called in DDWT Junior’s school. The reason being that all of the kids have to wear their wellies and as a result get to spend the morning outside in the school’s garden area – having a look at what nature has to offer. Now how cool is that. I don’t remember having that when I was in school 🙁

Having heard quite abit about ‘Twitter‘ (yes yet another social networking site) of late, I decided to take a closer look and sign up for a free account. Basically twitter is a social networking tool which can be updated via sms, IM or online and your ‘friends’ get updated via one of these methods as to your whereabouts/thoughts or whatever you choose to ‘twitter’ about.

It’s also got a nice little widget for blogger (and the other main blog players) as can be seen opposite. I’ll give it a go anyway, especially as I’m got a huge amount of free txt messages per month. So watch me twitter as they say!

After a day off from the running yesterday, it was time to get back onto breaking some slabs lunchtime again. I took the same 2-3 mile route as the other day, but was a minute quicker this time around with a time of 25 minutes 29 seconds. Perhaps what is more worrying is that I don’t feel in any sort of condition to run next weekend’s Swansea Bay 10K!