Swansea Bay 10K

After weeks of trepidation and a general lack of preparation, the Swansea Bay 10k finally came and bit me on the arse today!

I was somewhat knackered before the run (as a result of my Swans related travelling this week) and the steady head/cross wind, combined with incessant rain merely compounded matters as I plodded my way around the 10k course. I knew that I hadn’t prepared enough, but the pain I felt or rather “how much I felt like vomiting” over the last 2km really rammed the message home.

My time of 56 minutes 9 seconds was obviously more than I’d have wanted it to be, but all things considered I was merely happy to be under the 1 hour mark. The race results on the Swansea Bay 10k website showed me finishing in 1,650th position – out of 3,500 runners apparently. Although that figure seems a little off the mark to be honest as there are only 2,700 odd names on the results!!?!?!? Somehow I can’t see 800 people not finishing – can you?

No doubt come tomorrow I’ll feel like the preverbial robocop, as the stiffness and general fatigue kick-in, but I’m hoping the post-race stretching combined with a lovely radox-fuelled how bath on my return home will help reduce after after effects – or at least that’s what I’m hoping.