The fit family

Well OK we’re not really your typical kind of fit ‘as a fiddle’ family but with Mrs DDWT supplementing her cross-training workouts by now going to Bodymax sessions as well, and me hitting the road (on foot) again we’re trying our best to keep in shape. Although I suspect that today’s 1 hour Bodymax workout was a darn sight tougher than my 25 minute beach run.

My training routine has somewhat gone to pot lately (this year even?) for one reason or another but with Winter fast approaching I’ve decided to adopt the same approach to training as I had during my rugby playing days.

It’s not rocket science, but I always believed that if you were ever going to catch up – or even get ahead – on the fitness front, then Winter is the time to do it. Why, well quite simply most people hate training in the Winter and with this time of year encompassing Christmas – vast amounts of food and drink are consumed. You get the drift I’m sure 🙂

I can’t believe that it’s a month to the day since DDWT Junior started nursery school. The time has just flown by but I’m more than chuffed that he seems to have settled in very quickly and is enjoying it. Mind you with cooking on Monday’s, Welly Wednesday (nature stuff) and Gym on Friday perhaps it’s little wonder.

On a more serious note though, I’m intrigued to see how the ‘learning through play’ teaching style is working at the school. It’s a National Assembly of Wales initiative to encourage the development of children through play and is the first ‘Play Policy‘ of it’s kind in the UK. Only time will tell if it’s a success of course – but I hope for the sake of my child and everyone else’s that it is.

I just had to share the following picture with you – taken from my office at home at about 7 am this morning. Pretty cool eh?