I'm going to be a Dad!

Oh yes indeed – I’m going to be a Daddy for the 2nd time and it’s a wonderful feeling. We’ve known for a couple of weeks, but today is the day that we’ve officially told everyone outside of the family (as they knew a few days ago). It’s soooo exciting and the thought of DDWT Junior 2 being around fills me with joy.

We decided not to tell DDWT Junior just yet – primarily because he’s obsessed with babies at the moment (you should see him with our friends babies!) and because we wouldn’t get a moments peace from him asking questions about it! I can see it now though when he does know, it’ll be like one of those kids in the car saying “Are we there yet?” only it would be “Is the baby here yet?”.

Mrs DDWT is due in June 2008 and ironically only a couple of days after our wedding anniversary. Now that’s what I call a wedding anniversary present!! I’ll be sure to keep everyone up to date with progress – so keep tabs on the blog for regular updates (including details of me and my phantom pregnancy symptoms!).

It’s been a day or revelation and upheaval all round actually, as I also moved office and team today – so it was like starting with a new family in work as well 🙂

I’m now in amongst the ICT teams and after 3 years or so being on the periphery – I’m now back where I perhaps naturally belong, with other ICT techies.

So what better way to celebrate, say farewell and toast someones birthday than to go out for lunch and have a good old natter. After the success of our visit to ‘The Village’ in Swansea’s SA1 district the other week we opted to go there again and once again indulge in the steak and kidney pie dish (well I did anyway).

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