Amazed? I am

I’ve amazed myself the last few days, especially as I’ve now been training 3 days on the trot! I can’t even begin to think when I did that last – but regardless of when it was it’s great to be back in the groove. Now, hopefully I can stay there.

It was the turn of the bike today and once again I opted for the Clyne Valley cycle path and what I call the ‘Gowerton loop’. The sunny dry weather of the last few days – not to mention a Council path sweeper – meant that the cycle path was a lot less precarious than it was on Tuesday.

Thank God I didn’t have slicks on that’s all I can say or I’m sure I’d have ended up in the hedgerow. Perhaps what was more surprising though was how quiet the path was, with hardly a walker or jogger in sight – depsite the glorious weather.

The ride was a couple of miles longer that Tuesday – 14 miles, which took me 52 minutes 52 seconds at an average speed of 16 mph and a top speed of 22 mph.

DDWT Junior has had an action packed day as well what with gym in school and then a 4th birthday party in Toots – the children’s indoor activity centre in Neath.

All of the kids had a great time, even if they were somewhat out on their feet by the end. But the sight of the lucky bags with balloons seemed to fuel them with further energy!