Sunday cooking

The house of DDWT is fast becoming the equivalent of Ready Steady Cook on Sundays’ as the Mrs and I take it in turns to conjure up something new and by that I mean different in the kitchen.

This Sunday it was my turn and I decided to try and rustle up some sausage and mash fritters at lunchtime, and stuffed chicken breasts (herbs, cheese & carrots) with sliced green beans for dinner/tea/evening meal/supper – call it what you wish. The fritters were quite tasty but needed a little more cheese if I’m being hyper critical (which when it comes to cooking I am!). As for the chicken breasts, well they were a major disappointment as it were simply overcooked – the result being that they were very chewy. The panel of judges (well Mrs DDWT to be precise) gave the fritters a thumbs up and a “cook that again Sam”, but as for the chicken breast – forget it!

The rest of our day was spent down the beach overlooking Swansea Bay – which is always a great place to be when the sun is out, as you can see from the pictures below.

I also found a little bit of time to do some jobs around the house, such as re-assembling the rocking chair and putting up a new bike rack in the garage – to create some much needed room!