RNLI Reindeer 10K

With the RNLI Reindeer 10k in Margam CountryPark on December 2nd now having been confirmed, I quickly made sure of my place by sending off the race entry form – which I have made available for download from here.

It’s another event with a Christmas theme, but this time it’s all about wearing antlers as opposed to dressing up as Santa – as per the BHF Santa Jog which I’m also doing. So apart from these events being lots of fun and raising money for worthwhile charities, it also gives me some focus with regards to my training 🙂

Talking of which it was the turn of the bike this lunchtime as I once again headed off to Gowerton for the usual 14 mile loop. It was very noticeable today that even though it was mild, there was a strong north easterly wind blowing – which I felt the brunt of on the return leg of the ride. My time today was around 55 minutes with an average of 15 mph and a top speed of 21.5 mph – so it was slightly down on last week’s efforts.

Unfortunately, DDWT Junior was off school today having caught the dry cough/cold that seems to be doing the rounds in school these days. A quick trip to the doctors this morning – in an attempt to nip it in the bud – saw him have some mild antibiotics so hopefully they’ll do the trick.

It’s amazing really how comical kids can be at times, as according to Mrs DDWT it was a treat just to see his excitement at his name being called by the doctor – he went running into his room, plonked himself down on the chair and actually opened his mouth and started going ahhhh in readiness!! I wish I’d be there to see it.